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Brands: Zangs, Laesser, Saurer, Tajima, Barudan, SWF, Amaya, Metal Mecanica, Comerio, Plauen, Plauener, Hiraoca, Wemp, KSM, ZSK
Yarns: Rayon, Cotton, Polyester, Lurex, Metallic
Fabrics: Cotton, Knit, Tuell, Net, Denim, Lawn, Poly Net, Poly Tuell, Jersey, Jersy, Linen, Silk
Types: Woven, knitted
Embroidery articles:
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At ”Quality in Time” is our motto and we strive to never compromise this. VND Co.,LTD. provides the highest standards of Schiffli Embroidery digitizing/punching services, creative design services of the latest fashion trends, as well as the digitizing/punching for all kinds of base fabrics demanded by the fashion industry.

Working closely together with the most talented Embroiderers as well as haute couture designers our experienced digitizers/punchers are always at the leading-edge of the latest know how and trends in Embroidery.

We offer the ultimate in experience, skill, and quality for the most reasonable price available in our industry.

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